Day 26: Summer

Okay, this could be the best summer now that I’m getting the hang of relaxing and being at home-not-at-home-and-working.

We have time to be, time to relax, time to work and play and low stress. There is space, sacred space  at home and I’m finally embracing it. Hallelujah!!

So do you want to know what I’ve really loved this week?  I knew you’d ask…I am loving pet sitting for friends with Juliana. I have loved checking on the chickens everyday and filling their water and gathering their eggs with my kids. There was a simple joy in waiting for the eggs each day and awe in how this process even works. I loved watching them peck at the water tube too and hearing the clucking sounds they made.

I loved seeing the cats and their different personalities and appearance and how three different families have three different ways of feeding and raising their fur babies. I used to not be a pet lover and now I’ve changed and that’s pretty cool. I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.

How’s your summer going? What do you love about it?


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