Day 12: Summer – Helping Others

I was excited to see pictures of one of my kids, working with her friends, building homes for the less fortunate people outside of Tijuana, Mexico today. I anxiously watch Facebook for any one of the advisors to post updates to social media. Our kids were not allowed to bring their phones with them on this service trip. I love that they are free to be without any attachments, and can truly be present, doing what they’re doing without any distractions. I can’t wait to hear about this experience from their perspectives. I wonder how they’re feeling half way through the trip. I am feeling proud and am excitedly anticipating their safe return this weekend.

We are watching over a friend’s house while they are on vacation. I am thankful that we have the opportunity to give back and to take care of their home, as they always take care of us when we are away. It’s true what they say about when you’re giving, you’re actually receiving. I loved watching Charlie take the lead, happily watering all the potted plants and picking the ripe, red tomatoes, eating a few here and there.

 I loved that he and I got to take a walk together, and he put his arm around me as we walked down the street arm in arm, almost at equal eye level. I got to see and feel how tall he is getting and loved the shared moment alone, just him and I, walking and working together.

These are the simple days of our summer so far. I’m loving this now.

How are the first few days of your summer going?  I hope you are doing well and living it up, serving others and loving your one, beautiful life.






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