Day 3: Summer

The birds were chirping early in the morning and I was anxious to wake up and to start the day with them and coffee, of course.

This is my first summer as a working mom and I am new at this.  I am volunteering this week at our church’s vacation bible school in the morning, so I’m juggling my work hours before and after my volunteer hours. I worked from 6-7:30 am and from 1:00 to 6:30 pm. I was able to take the kids with me to volunteer and come home to have lunch together. I am thankful for a flexible work schedule. Luckily the family helped with shopping, chores and making dinner. It’s kinda nice to have big kids and I couldn’t do it without them, yet I have to admit it was a little bit chaotic and crazy at the same time. 

How do working moms, especially work from home moms, do it and keep up with it all, with everyone home at the same time? I am still learning! Please do share your best tips and strategies. 

I hope you had a good Monday!


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