Happily Ever After Today

How did you live your happily ever after today? After all, we are not promised tomorrow. So how did you make the most of your today?

This is how I think. I think that today is my best life ever and how am I going to live it up? What will spark joy?

Today I got to go for a walk with my BFF in the middle of the day, since we had to miss yoga. We made time for each other to escape our responsibilities and to go outside for a short while and to enjoy the sunshine, today.

I took my kids out to celebrate Charlie’s Student of the Month award to get bubble tea before dinner, as he requested. We took time to celebrate his gifts and he even got to sit in the front seat, a place usually reserved for the eldest. I loved just sitting with him and Juliana, sharing stories about our happily ever after day.

What else? I called my sister, I texted with my family, and made dinner and we gathered around the table. We didn’t have to go anywhere tonight and it was a gift to stay home and relax.

Today was good. I liked going with the flow and enjoying my family and friends, living the dream, one day at a time.

 What’s your dream? Are you creating it? Go ahead… get started! You’ll thank yourself later for choosing to start right now.

One thought on “Happily Ever After Today

  1. Congratulations to Charlie for being student of the month. Enjoy your summer-come out to the Delta even if we’re not here.

    I keep meaning to ask you Adriana if you still belong to KK? Lovingly, Pat

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