Pattern and Design

I received my first Stitch Fix order in the mail today, 3 days ahead of schedule. 

I loved seeing the box arrive and was excited to open it to see what was inside. I waited until my husband and daughter and son were ready to watch me unwrap my Mother’s Day gift.

The labeling and the tape and the way things were laid inside the box were all well thought out. I loved the colors and the sticker and the tissue before I even enjoyed what was inside the wrappings. Everything was aesthetically pleasing even before knowing what was actually inside.

I loved the anticipation and was hoping I would love every piece and I did!  What a pleasant surprise.

I love that someone else went shopping for me and knew how to pick what would look good on my body. They did a better job than I ever could because I don’t have the patience or the interest to spend time looking for and hunting and gathering new pieces for my wardrobe. This was actually a very rewarding experience and my husband even asked if there was service like this for men as he hates shopping even more than I do.

After I was done trying on all my gifts, I told my husband that I knew what I wanted for my birthday now. He was thrilled that he was off the hook for thinking and shopping and wrapping and found the perfect gift! It’s a win-win!

Life is good!

3 thoughts on “Pattern and Design

  1. I love my stitch fix! I have had 10 so far and always kept at least 1 thing. Best advise is to be as specific as possible on what you need or want or like! I heard if you keep 2 or more things then they keep your stylist. Otherwise they rotate them. For some fun, check out this Facebook page, “Stitch Fix B/S/T and discussion”

  2. I agree with Lenka.. Look at the Facebook page.. 😊 Most of all, I love the anticipation of seeing what comes next.. And having something I would normally not pick out myself.. ENJOY and enjoy the beginning of summer my friend..:)

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