Job Sharing

This is my work partner. We job share. She keeps me company and keeps an eye out for me. Well, she keeps an eye on my cursor and follows it diligently making sure I keep it moving. Luckily I had two monitors today so she couldn’t slow me down.

The perks!

This is my night shift partner. He makes sure I keep my priorities straight, like providing him with a warm lap instead of folding the sorted laundry.

Still can’t believe I’ve turned into a cat lady!

Life is good.

2 thoughts on “Job Sharing

  1. A- I LOVE that you have turned into a cat lady!! I’m currently fostering eight kittens!! 8 weeks old now. Super cute, but lots of work.

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    • Oh my gosh, 8 kittens!! I bet they are so adorable and I’m sure B is loving that you agreed to being a foster mama! Congrats on over $300K in sales! Love how you do your life!! Miss your sweet smile and positive energy.

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