Love and Light

These are my favorite words right now. I love them as a blessing to others and I love experiencing both. I love the thought of love and light and focusing our attention on all that is good. What we focus on, is what we create and I choose love and light. They’re kinda like my BFFs.

Today I loved finishing the second to last day of my 30 day challenge, completing 240 squats, 38 push-ups and 95 leg lifts!! This makes me very happy. What challenge should I accept next, Yaya?

I decided to complete today’s challenge before dinner. The only thing that’s been consistent with this challenge is completing the daily challenge. Some days I’ve worked out in the morning and others at lunch, mid-afternoon, before dinner and at least before bed. Those ones were the hardest!

Tonight I finished the challenge right around 7pm and decided to shower before dinner. I loved the late afternoon sunlight coming through my bathroom window and didn’t want to leave until sunset.

Love and light. May it surround you and be part of your every day.


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