Memory Collection

What memories did you create and collect today?

Are you holding them secret, just for you? Did you take a picture or write about your moment(s) to remember?

Today I baked Aunt Debbie’s King Ranch Chicken casserole for dinner. It brought back great memories of visiting with her in Colorado probably when Christian was a baby. I liked seeing her handwriting on the recipe card I still carry and enjoyed thinking of her while I cooked and we enjoyed dinner.

I love food, family, tradition and making memories!

And I love that you choose to share this wonderful life with me, by reading and reflecting, connecting and sometimes sharing a like or a comment with me. Thank you!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend and have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Memory Collection

  1. You brought to my mind the importance of hand writing recipes, thank you notes, and memos or letters. I have my mom’s recipe box and many of her inspirations which were written by her. It makes me feel good to have that connection with her❤️.

    • There is something so special about handwriting and feeling the connection to the person’s personality and soul and who they are. It’s so different than a printed copy, isn’t it? Thank you Mary for making me more aware of the importance of handwriting. You can see your mom and feel her presence through her recipe box. So cool!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. When I make meatloaf I think of my Mom. My son Dave is now making my Mom’ s recipe for spaghetti sauce in my typing & has it posted on his stove

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