What Happens When You Don’t Set Your Intention?

What do you find yourself doing when you don’t have a plan?

How do you fill your time and space?

I tend to play on my phone, reading Facebook updates, looking at Instagram posts and playing Candy Crush. It fills the gaps and is mindless. This is relaxing to me.

My husband tends to work and as we were relaxing and sitting on the couch, I asked him if his intention was to work tonight. I am curious how we choose to spend our “free” time and wonder if we chose to set an intention before we sat down, would we choose the thing we were doing?  

I tend to make plans for my days but don’t plan anything for my nights and prefer the natural flow of whatever comes my way.  But maybe that’s just because that’s what my family does and everyone is “busy” studying and working. But what if…Hmm… Something else to think about.

Isn’t it cool that there are always things to think about? How could anyone ever possibly be bored?

Hope you have a good and intentional night, doing what you love and desire.


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