Love Your Neighbor

Today I loved my brave neighbor.

She was walking by my house when no one was home and noticed some strange behavior. Some guy was knocking at my door and lingering. She sent me a text to see if I was expecting anyone. At the same time as I was replying to her text, I was checking our dropcam and could see the guy at my door.

I absolutely love that people are watching out for me and my family. When I replied that I wasn’t expecting anyone, she walked back to see if he was still there and as she walked back the guy had jumped over my fence.

By this time, my husband was calling the police. She was brave and approached the guy standing in the street to ask what they were doing. 

While I was on the phone listening to her confront the strangers, I had the police on the other phone telling me that the police were on their way, and I sat shaking and nervous and feeling helpless with that sick feeling in my stomach. I heard dogs barking and was thankful that another neighbor was walking by with her dogs and that my friend was not alone. 

Eventually we learned that the men actually were legitimate workers and were subcontractors for PG&E. The police told me that it was legal for them to jump over my fence. I disagree with this rule and feel it is unsafe for everyone. I think we should have been told beforehand that they needed access to our property before they chose to create chaos and anxiety.

In the end, all was good. The workers worked. The police policed and the neighbors neighbored.  I am thankful for our community, and especially for my neighbor and our supportive public safety officers.

Life is good.

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