Human Lover

I am not an animal lover and so maybe my animal is just a human lover. Our family cat has chosen me as his favorite human.

It probably goes with the yin and yang principles of life. Since I’m not needy of the cat, the cat needs and wants me. Hmm…my cat is teaching me new tricks!  🙂

Have a good weekend!

2 thoughts on “Human Lover

    • Thanks Debbie! I think I’m becoming a cat lover too. Whenever I sit down, this cat comes to be with me and stares at me eye to eye and nuzzles into my face. When he’s done with his kisses, he lays completely relaxed as close to my face as he can get and goes limp. And if I don’t pay attention to him, he reaches out his paw to remind me he’s there. It’s the funniest thing and my family gets such a kick out of him and out of me as they’re shocked to see me this way, loving on and allowing our cat to be with me that way. Life is full of surprises!! Do you still have your rabbit? I think he was an indoor bunny? Hope all is well!

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