Do you scrapbook?  Do you keep boxes of photos, cards, mementos and other pieces of your history?

How often do you go backwards and look at your past?

Last night, Juliana opened up some of our treasure boxes. She was looking for old photos, but most of what she found since she was born, were old cards and papers. Since she was born, I mostly stopped printing pictures and went mostly digital. I tend to hold on to holiday reminders and connections between our family and friends and family. I like to see people’s writing and their names and words. The thing she did find that we both enjoyed was my pregnancy journal that I kept as I was pregnant with her. We both smiled and enjoyed the beginning of her story.

My digital library is a mess. Some of it is backed up and some of it is organized, but not all or most of it. I just don’t find it as exciting as the boxes filled with things I can touch. I like to touch my pictures and books more than I like looking at a screen.   I stopped printing and creating albums because I ran out of space to store them.

I like to share snippets on Facebook and am absolutely loving Facebook Memories. These memories bring back a glimpse of what I shared on any particular day from years past.  I have been on Facebook since probably 2008 and seeing my little kids’ faces pop up each day really makes me smile, and usually there is only a handful of stories to recall. Maybe this is a good digital strategy, to only take or keep 5 pictures on any given day. Maybe then my digital memories would be more meaningful and manageable.

How do you like to store and keep your memories? Do you have a strategy and process that works for you that sparks joy?

Here is the memory photo that popped up today that made me smile. I loved being a stay at home mom and baking with my kids and taking them to the park and just being with them.


May your memories fill you with joy.


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