Busy As a Bee

bee picture

After a stressful few days and missing my hike yesterday, I took a late afternoon break to go outside for a walk around the neighborhood. As soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk, peace arrived and I was content.  I had no where else I had to be, and nothing left to do in these brief few moments. I loved being alone, just wandering alone with my thoughts, my phone and enjoying this space. 

 I carried this calmness back inside and enjoyed the quiet moments again before chaos came in. Peace looks and feels like cooking to me. I peeled and roasted carrots with olive oil and rosemary and made some pasta to go with the sausages Jeff was going to grill when he came home. I made some jalapeno artichoke dip for us as an appetizer and just enjoyed being in my kitchen alone and also later with my kids.

Life is pretty amazing and simple when you want it to be and do the work!

How was your day? Can you believe it’s Friday again already??

Have a wonderful weekend, BeLOVErS!! You are loved!!


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