Laid Off

 We’ve been laid off.
Our oldest is now able to drive and has assumed our responsibility of getting himself and his sister to and from school and practice.

I still stand outside on the porch and wave goodbye, like I’ve always done, whenever any of my family members are walking, biking or driving away from home.

This week my son came home earlier than my daughter and he told me that he’d go back to pick her up, without me asking. I was expecting to pick her up. That felt weird to me and I had to let go and appreciate his offer. I was waiting for her text to tell him when it was time and instead he told me he was on his way and that he had already texted her. I was cut out as the middleman. Woohoo!?! I think.

I am appreciating having the gift of time back and lamenting that I am not needed as a chauffeur as often anymore. The good news is that when I do get to drive with them in the car, I appreciate and cherish the time together and it doesn’t feel like a burden. I appreciate the conversation within the closed confines. And when he offers to drive, I’m thankful to have time to relax or to keep on working.

Maybe being laid off isn’t so bad after all.

Another transition in the program of life. I’m all in and thankful for the help.

What transitions are you currently experiencing? Are you all in?



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