Another practical joke…

Charlie came home with these today and I thought you might need a laugh too.

He won them in his math class, and his teacher modeled them for everyone, over her pants of course. Maybe this is what they mean by Common Core?? 

They basically looked and felt like a thin, sheer and shiny hair net and made everyone laugh at their ridiculousness.

I took a picture of him modeling them and he begged me not to share it, reminding me that I must respect his privacy, which I do. Without his permission, I don’t share anything that would harm or  embarrass  him, so I’ll have to keep that memory for myself.

Just know, that emergency underwear folded into a little tin do exist, in case you were wondering and wanted to be prepared for an emergency or if you need to make someone laugh.


Safe. Sanitary. Secure.

Be well and stay safe! 🙂



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