Super Bowl 50

We live near Levi Stadium and there is a lot of hype about this big event. It’s kind of strange to listen and to wait and to watch and to anticipate what is going to happen.

Everyone is talking about it.  Some people were talking about renting out their homes for thousands of dollars.  A ticket sold on Stub Hub for $28,000 tonight!! And then a lady from Milpitas won two tickets to the game in a local raffle.

There is talk about road closures and a million more people in this crowded valley over the weekend.

Some friends have travelled up to the city for the NFL Experience and Super Bowl City. Some are even braving the commute this weekend to party like rock stars at the free One Republic concert, planning different means of transportation including Uber, and BART. 

I think we’ll pretend there’s a blizzard and shop now for our chips and dip and hide indoors and watch from inside. Maybe we’ll open our windows and hear Lady Gaga’s half time show or maybe even the fireworks.

What about you? Are you thinking about the Super Bowl? 

Good night and may the best team win!!

3 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50

  1. Hi Adriana! I believe Lady Gaga is singing the National Anthem. Coldplay and Beyoncé will perform at halftime. I agree with you and will hide out at home this weekend to avoid the crowds and traffic. I’m so tired of hearing the words “Super Bowl” already. I think it’s getting too big. I do look forward to the commercials especially the Budweiser ones! Enjoy!

    • You are right, Asta!! I lumped Lady G in the half time entertainment when she is singing the National Anthem. Thanks for the correction! I love the commercials and the sense of American spirit that is shared through the big bowl game. Enjoy!!

  2. I sure agree I’d stay home & away from all the action. I can’t imagine trying to get around. Enjoy watching things from home.

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