#TBT: Throw Back Thursday

I took Christian to get his hair cut today and as he was sitting in the chair, I was remembering back to the days when he didn’t really like to get his hair cut and how he looked forward to the lollipop afterwards. He doesn’t mind anymore and skips the treats.

I love seeing old pictures and remembering things I have forgotten and seeing the good ol days. I also love seeing other peoples’ old memories posted on Facebook and tagged as #TBT.

I quickly glanced through some of my old pics that were available digitally from my phone and found this picture, that is 12 years old! 

It caught my eye and had me feeling all the feels. I remembered how much Christian was into Bob the Builder. Juliana used to only go to sleep with her little soft blanket. I loved the colorful, small blanket that my Grandma crocheted with what looks like remnants of left over yarn. The long, colorful snake used to bring hours of laughter as Christian and Craig ran around together through the house with it, making up silly sayings. Juliana and Christian used to share a room and this was their House shaped loft bed, which they loved.

One picture, so many memories. When you’re in the moment, you don’t really see it the same way as 12 years later.  This #TBT thing is fun.

What picture brings you back in time, reflecting on good times?

Live it up now and take pictures so you can smile again on Thursdays.

Life is good. 

2 thoughts on “#TBT: Throw Back Thursday

    • Yes, you’re right Kris. He was so into Scooby Doo and we all dressed up as the SD characters for Halloween one year. I remember how cute your family was dressed up as cartoon characters too. There is a Care Bear in that pile too. And another musical animal from Jeff’s aunt in Germany. So many memories in that little space. Glad you connected and shared our past, present and future, my friend.

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