Creating Space

This did not spark joy, but instead felt quite eerie and uncomfortable.

Kohl’s is closing as they lost their lease to make new space for high rise apartments. They are creating space and moving all inventory to the front of the store, slowly each day, so that they can close tomorrow for good. It was the weirdest shopping experience and I felt like I was at someone’s estate sale and there was nothing that I wanted but to get out of there.

The empty displays looked so lonely and sad and crowded on top of each other, as they created more open space, and squeezed everything up towards the front.

The left over merchandise was all mixed together and out of place. It felt chaotic and cramped.

As I was trying to get out of there, absorbing all the weirdness of the closing sale and approaching the front door, I looked down and there was a homeless person sleeping on the inside of the store near the door. He or she was covered by stuff and looked strangely in the right place, in the newly created space.

I was happy that she was out of the cold for at least the moment. This was a strange experience.

Wishing you peace and warmth.


2 thoughts on “Creating Space

  1. Sounds like it was indeed a strange experience. Hope that woman has a safe place to spend the winter.
    Kohls might relocate but never closes their geographic locations because they all seem to do very well. That is strange in itself!

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