Curled Up

Our power has been out for 3+ hours and they predict it will be out for at least 2 more.

It’s strange when it’s pitch black in your house for hours when you’re usually awake and moving and your normal routine is off.

We went out to get dinner because just when the lights came back on briefly and I started to warm up food, they went back out again and I hurried up and put the food back in the refrigerator.  

The heater doesn’t work and it’s very cold in our house so everyone is crawling into bed to curl up with a warm blanket. It actually feels great to be in bed early.  I am going to conserve my phone battery and go to sleep too, curled up, just like Zuma.

I hope you have a great weekend, curled up with something or someone cozy.



2 thoughts on “Curled Up

  1. So sorry your power was out. Our gas was put in Disco Bay so our house got very cold but I could still cook.

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