They’re Growing Up

Some days I have flashes of time passing and my kids are all grown up and gone and it’s how it’s supposed to be (eventually) but I’m not ready and I feel that deadline approaching and I want to slow down time. Phew…

And at the same time one of them is so irritating right now, that I can’t wait for them to grow up and fly. But then I remember the fear and get conflicted and try to love them through the madness because I know it’s fleeting. All of it.

Today one walked home from school alone with a friend, one had an Ortho appointment and one practiced his driving with me. I had all three of them with me and we stopped for bubble teas and I enjoyed the banter and the pimples and the laughter and conversation. I enjoyed the sunlight on their faces and seeing them and leaning on them and really enjoyed the moment.

One of them is going through a phase and we’re all trying to endure and it’s exhausting. The good part of this is it makes me less nostalgic and keeps me grounded in the moment of raising kids and teaching and practicing this life thing together. 

Yin and yang. They’re growing up and it’s all good.


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