Three Wise Friends

I had three friends come to my door unexpectedly yesterday and today and I was so happy to see them. 

They didn’t stay for long, but just popped in to say hello, as they were passing by.

Their presence was such a BIG gift to me and I was pleasantly surprised and thankful to see their faces.

My life has been in transition as I am working more and socializing and volunteering less. I miss the simple joys of friendship and conversation, even as I’m thankful for the path I’m currently on.  Seeing them at my door was so nice.

Pat brought me a Christmas gift, which was an artistic, sunshine happiness journal and a beautiful ornament, just because she said it had my name all over it.  Thank you for my thoughtful gift and for thinking of me, Miss Pat, and thank you for your friendship. 

I will enjoy making my book of 101 rays of sunshine.  

What made you happy today? 


What Happens When You Stop?

  Maybe if you stop moving and doing what you’re doing, you’ll feel deflated like this sad looking Santa Clause.
I didn’t like seeing Santa face down on the grass, defeated and unplugged and I don’t want to feel like him either, during this busy finals and holiday season.

So I’m going to keep breathing and exercising and cooking and moving forward and doing what I’m doing, without complaining. Full speed, ahead! 

When the season is done, then I’ll stop and deflate, but not now.

And you? Are you keeping your spirits up?  Breathe in, breathe out. We’ve got this. 


Imperfectly Imperfect

Yep. They were imperfect from the very beginning and I didn’t really even want to make them anyway. Can you tell?  They were miscolored, slightly browned, kinda dry and not too sweet. Want one? 

Charlie wanted to make cookies this weekend. We found a recipe and refrigerated the dough for 4++hours, but we didn’t add the peppermint extract, thinking they would be better as sugar cookies.

The first thing that went wrong was that we didn’t have red dye. Neon pinkish purple is a good, secondary option, right?

Next, Charlie didn’t want to follow instructions for rolling them out and used his own methods, that frustrated me as we had thin ones and thick ones on the same tray.

Eventually we got tired with the baking process and started making flat, circle shapes with the left over dough, that were easier and quicker to make.

Charlie eventually walked away and I was left to finish the task and to wash the dishes.  I got the short end of the stick, I think.

He kept coming back to taste samples again and again and seemed to enjoy the final product, claiming he had homework to do. Maybe they’re perfectly imperfect after all. Jeff enjoyed them when he came home from work, but maybe he was just being nice.

Thank you to all who bake during the holiday season and share your treats. I have such respect for you!


New Driver

This was weird. Today my son and my husband happened to be driving next to Juliana and I, as Christian wanted more driving practice (Juliana snapped this picture.) Having him right next to me, yet in another car was strange.

I’m excited for him to be practicing and knowing that he’ll soon be able to drive on his own and can get himself where he needs to be and maybe even help drive his siblings and run errands for me. I’m also a bit melancholy, thinking that he’s growing up and taking flight and once he can drive early next year, he’ll be on his own much more and will need me even less. I’m letting go, letting out the heart strings a little more, like we all do and feeling the growing pains.  Yin and yang, and today I caught another glimpse in the rain, of joy and fear.

I wish you well Christian and know you will be your best and am excited for you and your growing independence. Keep up the good work.


Love and Light – A Hostess Gift

Love and light are two of my favorite things and I found a way to share them with friends. 
This year I’ve been making these beautiful jars filled with light, and giving them as thank you gifts to the friends who invite us to celebrate the holidays together. 

I love turning on the light and bringing the lit jar into their homes as we greet each other, sharing love and light.

If you’re interested in making them too, I purchased 8oz mason jars, short strands of firefly LED lights on Amazon, ribbon, tags and bows and tape. I taped the battery pack to the inside part of the lid and just twisted the light strand to fit inside the jar, and turned on the switch before closing the lid, tying on a tag and sticking on a bow. So simple, right?

Wishing you love and light.



Today is my husband’s birthday and I loved celebrating him all day and night.

I decorated the kitchen the night before and had his cards and presents ready for him when he woke up.

I made our traditional cinnamon coffee cake and while we were waiting for it to come out of the oven, I made a bacon and egg scramble with sour dough toast, sausage and fruit.  The kids came to the table and we sang, “happy birthday” all before school and work.

We met for lunch in downtown Palo Alto and went to experience Sushirito for the first time together and it was really delicious! It was so nice to have time together in the middle of the day, just the two of us.

Finally, we went to play bocce ball with his friends from work as they were having their company holiday party tonight. I loved watching him really enjoy himself, playing a fierce game of bocce ball and enjoying his wonderful life. One of his coworkers made him cheesecake and they all sang happy birthday. This was such a thoughtful gift.

My favorite part of observing his birthday tonight was watching him get out on the dance floor, dancing with his friends to live music. He never dances and seeing him free and in the moment and living it up was just awesome to watch. His beautiful soul was shining and I loved being a part of his special day.

Happy birthday, Jeff!! I adore you.



Cooking Dinner

I still love cooking dinner for my family. It makes me happy to slow down and to slice and dice and provide for my family this way.  

Tonight I enjoyed cooking this beef, green bean and scallions with garlic and ginger stir fry over rice.  As I was cooking in the kitchen, all the kids were studying together at the kitchen table and Juliana was helping to prepare our Christmas cards.  I loved that we were all working together in the same space and I was happy to be off my computer and to have her help.

This was one of the highlights of my busy and fulfilling day.

What was the highlight of your day?

Keep breathing and enjoying this one beautiful life.