Three Wise Friends

I had three friends come to my door unexpectedly yesterday and today and I was so happy to see them. 

They didn’t stay for long, but just popped in to say hello, as they were passing by.

Their presence was such a BIG gift to me and I was pleasantly surprised and thankful to see their faces.

My life has been in transition as I am working more and socializing and volunteering less. I miss the simple joys of friendship and conversation, even as I’m thankful for the path I’m currently on.  Seeing them at my door was so nice.

Pat brought me a Christmas gift, which was an artistic, sunshine happiness journal and a beautiful ornament, just because she said it had my name all over it.  Thank you for my thoughtful gift and for thinking of me, Miss Pat, and thank you for your friendship. 

I will enjoy making my book of 101 rays of sunshine.  

What made you happy today? 


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