Bubble Gum Alley

Some things are just really gross, yet we are still drawn to them. Isn’t that weird?  Take a peek at Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo.  Who thought this would become a thing and stick?  Haha!  No pun intended. Humans are really, really weird creatures, myself included.

How many thousands of people have walked through this same hall and added their chewed wad of bubble gum to the wall of fame? How do you choose where to add your part?  And who started this mess and told a friend who told two friends, who told their friends and so forth. Look how thick the wall is??  EEW.
 We first stopped at Rocket Fizz on the corner, to get a juicy pack of gum before walking over to add to the art exhibit. I just observed this time and enjoyed watching their reactions and prayed that they didn’t actually touch any of the spit germs surrounding them.  I think they were mildly grossed out too. But that’s probably half the fun – kind of like getting spooked out at a haunted house.  For some reason, we like to get out of our comfort zone for a moment or two. Maybe it’s the thrill and excitement of experiencing something gross and fun at the same time that draws people here. Maybe it’s the shared tradition. And maybe once we experience the grossness, we can appreciate all that is clean and normal that normally surrounds us that we don’t even notice. Yin and yang.

If you’re in San Luis Obispo, you too can experience this great tradition. Bring your gum and stop by off Higuera Street, near Broad Street.

😉  Adriana



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