Looking for a Sign

Recently I shared that Charlie had made bags to give away to homeless people in our community through a service project at our church. We have had 3 bags in our car since Wednesday and have only given one away.

Today we were looking for someone holding up a sign, that might need food or a blessing. As we were driving to San Jose for his soccer game, we came across a man in the middle of the intersection with a sign, that said, “God Bless You” and another sign that I could not see. We were stopped at the red light, about 5 cars behind the line and the man was at the front. I opened my window and motioned for him to come our way. He waved me on, as to tell me he’d be right there, as another person had opened their window and was handing him something.

I felt anxious, as I was going to have to move as the light would surely change any second and it made me nervous interacting with a stranger this way.  He eventually made his way up to my window and I showed him the bag, and asked him if he was hungry. He looked at me with a funny, inquisitive look, and I told him we had food and a rain poncho for him.

He did something that surprised me. He didn’t speak English and instead, sort of grunted and frowned and backed away, saying no to me with his actions. He did not want what we had to offer and he did not smile.  This made me curious as to what he did want. Maybe he just wanted money. I’m not sure and I wanted to respect his wishes. I didn’t want to project our wishes to share goodwill when he didn’t wish to receive it. I just said, “Okay. God bless you.” and drove away.

Life doesn’t go as we expect it and I’m practicing accepting what is, in the moment. I think they call this acceptance, without holding on to expectations. It’s not easy to do, but it sure felt good to let go in that instance.

I wish him well and we’ll keep our eyes open to help someone else.

Hope you are well.




2 thoughts on “Looking for a Sign

  1. Sadly, there are people out there who are not really homeless or needy but just want to prey onthe kindness of strangers to get money. They have no need for your thoughtful bags, as they probably would just throw in the trash. They want the money, and there are PLENTY of people who will give to them. I choose never to give money to a person on the street because the few who are lying about their situation has jaded me into not believing any of them. Sad but true. I’d rather donate to a food bank.

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