My Quilting Friend, Carmen

In honor of Carmen’s quilting patterns and love of color and good food, here’s my perfectly imperfect tribute of something beautiful on an old table. Yin and yang   

I left Carmen’s house tonight, inspired, as always. Carmen makes me smile and I love just being near her. She exudes light, through her eyes and her smile and her confidence.  Her house is filled with bright colors and as you look around, you can’t help but feel happy, looking at the bright orange walls in her kitchen, the rainbow carpet in her family room and at the whimsical and colorful hand made, intricately designed quilt that covers one wall.

She always has a little bit of wisdom to share, that I hold onto and want to remember. For example, tonight somehow we were talking about problems and worry, about what exactly I don’t remember, but she shared something that her brother taught her about how we shouldn’t spend our time worrying, for if there is a solution there is nothing to worry about and if there isn’t a solution there isn’t anything you can do anyway, so why worry?  I’m sure I messed it up, but the message was to stop worrying and the way she shared her story just made me smile.

She showed me her quilting room and I was in awe. It was my favorite room in the house for several reasons. It was organized and neat and was a creative haven for her to practice her art. She had all the right tools and bins and surfaces needed. It wasn’t huge, but it was perfectly balanced and I could imagine what it would be like to be her, inside her little room during the day with the sunshine streaming in, listening to her music and quilting away in her happy place, making quilts to give away, which makes her even happier.  I loved this space and love that she is so passionate and has created a place to work her magic.

I also love that she loves to travel and how she adores her family, especially her grandkids, and lives life up beautifully, every day.

It’s always great to have mentors, and Carmen is one of mine.

Who is one of your mentors and why? What do you admire about the person that inspires you?

Thank you Carmen – for the visit, for the treats to share with my family, and for being such a lovely soul. xo


2 thoughts on “My Quilting Friend, Carmen

  1. You are so right about Carmen & what you wrote was spot on. I also love going to her home as she always has it decorated beautifully. I worked the NN shop when she came in with her husband looking for Santas to add to her collection. She found some very nice ones.
    I also admire Sara & the beautiful things she knits.

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