Halloween and Homecoming

It was a very busy day with overlapping events and I am ready to be done. It was a great, full day and I am ready to relax.

Some days are just like that.

How was your day?

I made dinner at 7 am because I knew the day would be full. We got the kids off to school and I got to work so that I could sneak away to the afternoon homecoming parade. I’m so glad my kids got involved with their school spirit.

In the afternoon, we did some shopping and then dropped off one kid to homecoming and the little one and I went to set up for Trunk or Treat.

And if we weren’t busy enough,  we went to the homecoming football game to enjoy the experience with the kids after we packed up from trunk or treat. This made life fun!!


All is well, just ready for bed and to get ready for a big day again tomorrow. It’s Halloween and we change the clocks on Sunday, so we’ll enjoy that extra hour of sleep then.  

Have a good weekend!

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