You Can Change Your Mind

I used to really dislike cats. I never wanted to be near them and always complained. I thought they were gross and smelly and irritating and they made me sneeze and made my eyes water and generally made me feel horrible.  If one came near me, I would move, which usually meant they would follow me. I think cats have a 6th sense.
My husband had cats when I first met him and I wondered how long they would last. I almost considered not dating him because of his feline friends and my extreme dislike for their presence.  When they passed away from old age, I never wished for cats again.

Flash forward ten years.

Look at me know. This cat loves me and wants affection all the time. As soon as I sit for a minute, he shows up. I actually enjoy his company and this surprises me. He loves to sit right on my chest and rub all over my chin and face, giving me kisses.  I allow this behavior and smile.

Who knew that a cat hater could become a cat lover?  This is very odd to me and makes me wonder what other things in my mind might change over time. I wonder if we should get a dog?

How have you changed your mind dramatically? 

8 thoughts on “You Can Change Your Mind

  1. A dog is a big commitment time-wise…..they can’t be left alone for long periods of time like a cat can and they require walking, etc. If you leave food out for a cat, they’ll eat and leave more for later-not a dog! Cats are very low maintenance when compared to dogs. Dogs are like having another small child.

  2. A- This made me smile! I love that you love your kitties and they bring so much joy to your family. And you got a sweet snugglebug with your black one!! 😊

    Our kitties bring us a lot of joy too. Our black one is my constant companion around the house.

    Who says black cats are bad luck?!!

    Happy Halloween! Debbie

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    • Hi Debbie! So good to see you again and thanks for writing. I always heard that pets brought joy and I
      resisted for so long. Everyone in our family is loving our new fur babies!! Do you have a dog? I remember you had rabbits. I hope you’re family and Stella & Dot is doing well. xo

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