Hiding Place

Doesn’t this look like the perfect hiding place?  My kitty was sitting in my work chair, in the sunshine, covering her face in my jacket.  Do you remember when you were a kid and if your eyes were covered and you couldn’t see anything, you thought no one could see you either?  I loved playing hide and seek with the kids when they thought like this. It always made me smile.

We all need a hiding place to get away and to not be seen for awhile. There is a thrill in the hiding, and seeking a truly secretive place. There’s an excitement that comes moments before and when you are found too. I love this type of thrill.

When you’re hiding, it feels like you’re being sneaky. There must be a thrill in that too. And sometimes we hide away to just be alone and undisturbed. 

Where do you go to hide away?

I love to retreat to my bedroom and to shut the door. Sometimes I hide in the garage because it’s really quiet and warm and no one comes looking for me there. And sometimes I take a little longer in the rest room, because it’s a fair excuse to be hiding away all alone while you’re “busy.”

Enjoy the quiet moments of your day, hiding away from sight once in awhile and breathe.


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