An Abbasolutely Good Night

We went to see The Abba tribute band perform tonight at the Mountain Winery. It was my first time being to the winery and I can’t wait to go again.  This is a gorgeous venue and the weather tonight was Abbasolutely fabulous!  It was great to get out with friends on a Sunday night.


It was a great way to end the week. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday afternoon with those you love.

Life is good.  

Cat Naps

I have been getting about 5 -6 hours of sleep most nights and today I was tired. Jeff just got back from a trip to Mexico and I left the house at 7:45 am to get Charlie to his event. We had been running the kids around to their sporting events until after 2 pm and had a list of things we thought we might like to do today. Jet lag and lack of sleep led us to decide to take an afternoon nap, which we rarely do.  It’s nice that our kids are big now and can entertain themselves but our fur babies decided they wanted to sleep with us. I think they were all asleep before I was.  
 I guess this is what you’d call a cat nap. Haha! I still can’t believe I have and love the cats, but it’s true that I do. I don’t even mind when they wake me up to play and snuggle because they are so loving. 
Do you have pets? I wonder what it would be like to have a dog.

Hope that you use this weekend to rest and refresh and recover.  Life is good.

The Teens Are Alright

We had a Friday Night Light High School football game tonight at the Levi Stadium. 

I brought a car full of kids to the game and then they split up and sat with their friends. This made me slightly nervous and since the stadium was not nearly full and brought in a different crowd, I didn’t feel too nervous to let them go. I did feel strange being at the game by “myself” and yet soon found friends to join. 

The irony was that as we moved around and found our own friends, Christian and his friend were seated right in front of me!!  

I enjoyed joking with and talking with the boys and was really happy that Christian’s friend wanted to talk with me.

After the game, we all met up and walked back to the car again. I told all 6 kids that we should take a group selfie together and they didn’t oppose. Since I didn’t ask them if I could share their photo, I’ll have to keep the memory close with me. 

Looking at the snapshot made me smile because my kids and their friends are awesome tweens and teens. 

They were funny and grateful and kind to one another and nice to me too.

 I enjoyed having the opportunity to share an experience together and that they were okay with me being around. I know I am supposed to let go and I am and maybe that’s why they’re okay hanging around because I let them just Be. 

Hmmm…I wonder.

The teens are alright and I think I’m okay with them growing up, if it continues to feel like this. 

Wishing you love and patience and to be alright.


You May Be Right

These are my favorite words from today.

How many times a day are we offered an opinion or thought that is different than what we believe or expect or wish to hear?

Sometimes these differing opinions create emotional conflict and sometimes we get caught up in the flow of the discussion trying to prove our opinion and to prove we are right.

But what if we just say, “you may be right.” There might be another sentence to follow, or there may be silence. You get to pick how engaged and how long you wish to continue the debate, I mean discussion.

I’ll give you an example. 

Your daughter says to you, “My math teacher is terrible.” You might want to explain why this isn’t true and share your opinion and keep the conversation going. Or you might just acknowledge her and say, “You may be right”  and move on to the dishes or reading or anything else, but arguing.

I can’t usually stop at just one sentence. I usually have to add my opinion, as a good teacher and knowing better of course, and add an And conjunction.  

My response would be more like, “You may be right AND you’re still responsible for your own grade.”

This is a very handy statement for busy people like us, to change the conversation, to exit a conflict gracefully and to bow out without going on and on.  

You should try it the next time you feel like reacting and don’t want to get into it.  Who knows? I may be right. ūüôā

Good Night!! xo

Work Life Balance

I’m excited to share with you my journey getting back into the workforce after being out of it for 15 years.  Thank you Susanne, for that idea. However, tonight I am exhausted from doing it all and loving every minute along the way, so instead I’d like to share just the balancing piece.

I am working part time and Wednesday’s are my day “off.” 

Here are some of the beautiful and fun sites that made me happy today that I’d like to share with you.

Are you smiling yet?

Today was the best day, just like yesterday, and I’m sure tomorrow will be too. 

nAMaste and Good night, BeLoveRs. xo

Something Other Than A Selfie

If you were to take a picture of something that made you happy today, what would your picture look like?  Some people keep gratitude journals. Some people write words to express their gratitude in a myriad of ways. And some people take pictures.

I know Selfies are fun, but what if we snapped something other than ourselves? Nothing against Selfies and loving ourselves which is beautiful, but they say happiness is multiplied and true feelings of joy are experienced at a higher rate when we are able to notice and be thankful for what is.

I love Facebook and Instagram for this reason because people share stories and photos of what they love (most of the time).

I was at the car wash when this idea popped in my head, so I’ll share this picture because it made me happy. I loved that my car was finally being cleaned. I loved seeing the American flag. I loved the friendly workers. I loved that it was finally windy and cool and noticing that fall is coming finally. 


If I were to have snapped other pictures today that brought simple joys to my life, I would have taken a picture of Susanne at yoga when our personal spaces crossed and I tickled her and she laughed, but I don’t think a digital picture could ever replace the mental picture of being there.
I would have captured Charlie juggling his soccer ball and trying to increase the number of times he could juggle.

When Christian was driving, I would have a snuck a picture too.

And MLs apples that were cut up and sweet and soft and slightly browned, that she shared with me.

Oh, and I’d share my sister’s success on becoming a nurse and getting her first job and I’d screenshot her Facebook update with 217 Likes and 58 genuine, heartfelt love comments.

Today was the best day ever! And so will tomorrow. These were a few of my favorite things.

What pictures did you snap today, digitally or mentally? Go ahead – share and create and be creative!

Life is good. xo

Chief Cheerleading Officer

Wouldn’t this be a great job title? I think every office, and family, and team, and community should have at least one, along with a cheerleading squad to support the team. ¬†We all need someone to lift us up, to remind us of¬†our goals, to share our¬†team spirit, and to encourage, motivate and unify us.

I was graciously labeled this today at one of my meetings and I loved it. I love bringing people together and sharing a common vision and lifting each other up, whether it be at work, on the field, in the community and/or with my family.

I looked up the purpose of cheerleaders, and here is one definition:

“The purpose of cheerleaders is to convey school spirit while supporting the competitive sporting events of the school. Cheerleaders act as liaisons between the spectators and the playing team by incorporating cheers, dances, and other crowd involvement techniques. ¬†They are also representatives of the school and community. The cheerleading squads are team-based activities that promote fitness, trust, self-esteem, enthusiasm, and fun!” – Big Foot High School web page from 2011

In the workforce, a cheerleader is the one that encourages the team and reminds everyone that their team is the best and helps everyone rally behind company goals, reminding everyone of the mission and keeping things fun. They encourage the team players to do their best and root for them, focusing on the good. The cheerleader is passionate and filled with enthusiasm and hopes that her passion and enthusiasm is contagious in the organization.

Who do you know that is a cheerleader? ¬†I keep hearing the OMI Cheerleader¬†song play over and over in my head – ¬†Oh, I think I found myself a cheerleader…Thanks Kimmy!

Here’s my cheer for the night: ¬†“YOU ARE ENOUGH!!” ¬†xo


This is love.

I love this girl with all my heart. She is my soul sister and BFF.

It’s so nice to go through life with her as my passenger. ¬†I love the way she thinks and talks and laughs. I love being near her and feeling her presence and I’m so proud of her.

Today we didn’t have a plan and it was a perfect day. We got up early and had our coffee together. We ate a little breakfast and then decided to visit my happy place for a hike without the kids. Exercising together is the perfect way to start a day.

When we were done, we shopped together for lunch and dinner. We took the kids to the pool and enjoyed watching them enjoy one another.

Later, the little one danced and the next youngest played the drums, while we worked the kitchen.

It was a perfectly unplanned day and I loved it! I love her and am so glad she’s still here with me.

Life is good!! Who are your favorite peeps to be free with?

Goodnight BeLoveRs.

The Best Kind of Day

My sister and my niece came to visit us this weekend and this was my (welcome) sign. It was a play on words that included them with me to create the we and the plural of Here I Am. I loved this very thought from before they even arrived. I sat on my porch last night, waiting and anticipating their arrival with excitement.  

I love being in their presence and when we are together, it doesn’t matter what we do. I feel comfortable and content and truly myself and I have no agenda except to soak in all their love and share it back with them, doing everything and nothing. Seriously. 

These are the best kind of days. We just flowed in and out, together and with the kids, and alone and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We were up early and shared coffee and breakfast. We took the kids where they needed to go. We rested and read and fed the kids and shopped. We watched Charlie’s soccer game and made friends. We cooked dinner together and cleaned up together. We laughed and teased each other and shared stories of our lives, the ones we don’t find the time to share over brief, interrupted phone calls and texts. 

There’s no substitute for face to face time. I got to hug her and really see her and share in the joys of our kids playing together and loving one another and growing up together.
I am thankful that she chose to come visit (me) us and took the time  to make love grow. 

Here We Are. 



Whatever you’re waiting for, I hope it comes your way in time and makes you happy. 

Cheers to my friend in Holland who has been waiting for her daughter to be cancer free and she finally received this awesome news.

To my family and everyone else dealing with grief and waiting and wading in it, I’m hoping peace finds you.

Tonight I sat on my porch and patiently waited for my sister and niece to arrive. I have been excited all day just knowing that they were coming. I am happy they chose to come our way and are spending the weekend with us.

I remember 9-11. I choose to live in the moment and create peace, joy, love and connection everyday. Never forget.

Life is good, especially with family in it. xoxo