Bicycle Safety

This is strongly on my mind today. 

We spent an hour tonight attempting to teach this life lesson to Charlie and he struggled to hear what we were saying.

We live in Silicon Valley where everyone is in a hurry and on the road, often quite distracted. Bicyclists are not a priority and many times car drivers don’t see bicyclists.

Yesterday, I saw a boy sitting on the corner after being hit by a car while on his bike, surrounded by firemen, police men and ambulance technicians. He was in the crosswalk and one car stopped but the next car didn’t see him. Looks like he was shaken up and hopefully he is ok today.

Another freshman at a private Catholic school ran across the street and was hit by a passing car this week. He died tonight. This is such a tragedy for everyone. Prayers for Loukas and his family.

In the same week, my friend, sitting next to me at the water polo match, told me that her daughter was hit by a car while on her bike 2 years ago, by someone not looking.

And then today I received an email from a friend, telling me that she saw my son riding dangerously. She was worried about his safety and is a good friend for telling me her perspective.

I have fear. I wish I didn’t. I am allowing Charlie to ride, despite my HUGE fears, but we were relentless in teaching him how to ride safely and to make eye contact with drivers before taking his right away.

This parenting thing is not easy. I hope he heard us, and applies what he learned as he continues to go out in the world, and becomes more and more independent, and hopefully safe.

Wishing you safe travels. Slow down. Put your phone away. Drive safely and beware of children out and about, walking and playing, especially before and after school hours.


2 thoughts on “Bicycle Safety

  1. I can not agree with you more! It is vitally important that Charlie understands that he needs to be cautious when riding his bike. Please have him repeat to you the instructions you presented to him the other day to see if he really heard you and truly understands the significance of what you had to say! What a great gesture of your friend’s call to make you aware of Charlie’s unsafe riding so you can handle the situation before it is too late! May God bless him and keep our little man safe! Love , mom

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