Girls Water Polo

My daughter is playing water polo for the first time this year and I love it for so many reasons.

I love that she is trying a new and very challenging sport, and she doesn’t have any experience and is willing to go out every day and give it her best.

I love that it’s difficult and that she has to work hard too and she’s not giving up.  I like for her to be challenged. I like that she wants to go to practice, even on the weekends.

I like that she’s the one of the youngest and newest players on the team and that she gets to learn from her peers and actually got to play today.  I like that she has mentors and that she enjoys hanging out with her teammates.

I like that her coach is not like her and that he presents challenges to her way of thinking and operating. He’s good for her.

There is so much to learn by participating in team sports and I am thankful that she didn’t give up and that she tried and made the team and that she’s enjoying the experience.

It was a gorgeous and hot day in the San Jose hills today and I loved watching her shine and struggle, even in the 99 degree sunshine.

Life is good. I am proud of you, Juliana!! Keep up the good, hard and fun work.

One thought on “Girls Water Polo

  1. Good for Juliana-that is a rough sport as Christian can tell. Our granddaughter played goalie for a while. Her mom moved too far away so that ended things which was too bad as that kept her active.

    I canned tomatoes in the AM then enjoyed some great tennis. Are you back on the courts? See you soon.

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