Summer and Structure

Those two words don’t seem to fitin the same sentence for stay at home parents of tweens and teens. 

We haven’t had any “real” plans for the past three weeks and I’ve realized (a little late) that this might not have been a good idea.

Structure provides order and helps to create a shared expectation plan.  I think I like flexibility and going with the flow but when you have teenagers, they all have their own plans and agendas and it’s hard to figure out a plan if you don’t plan and then chaos and nagging ensues and that’s no fun! And yet I don’t mind having a plan and then changing it, because at least we have a starting point from which change can be implemented.

So I’ve learned that while I like summer freedom and all, I do like having the kids engaged in what makes them happy and having at least a day ahead plan versus continuously reacting to each demand or request.

I think I’ll be ready for school to begin this week and I’ve already updated my calendars and spreadsheets and am loving the anticipation of what’s to come.  I’m practicing living in the moment with my little micro structures and am feeling happy again!

Wishing all families a safe and healthy 2015-2016 school year!!

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