Lake Shoreline 

I don’t think of Shoreline as Lake Shoreline, but I saw a hat and a shirt today that had this statement written on them.  I think of Shoreline as this place by the Bay with goose poop that is land locked by the Google Complex.  

It is a little lake and people do enjoy being on and near it. I just think of it as a man made body of water and not as a lake lake, where you want to hang out. 

But today my opinion changed. The boys have been wanting to play together and have asked for a week or two if they could rent a paddle boat.  We finally made the time work today and their wish came true.  

We lived in the sunshine, again! As they paddled, I sat on the shore and read a book and checked email.  I was happy they were out together keeping each other company and I could relax for a bit and  keep an eye on them from my chair since the lake isn’t that big.  


Lots of kids were out enjoying paddle boarding, wind surfing, kayaking, and sailing. It was a gorgeous day again in California and I was happy to have a day at the Lake after all.

There are so many beautiful places in Silicon Valley and I probably am only scratching the surface. I wonder what other unknown outdoor places are waiting to be discovered. Do share if you have a favorite.

Life is good!

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