My birthday succulents are blooming. I loved this little surprise, especially since we spent most of the day at home while Juliana continued to rest and recover.  Poor girl is still not feeling well.

I had fun baking a spaghetti pie, just for fun.  I felt like making something savory and it was good, although next time I’d add some ricotta cheese to make it a bit less dry. The boys still seemed to like it. 
This was one of the perks of staying home with a sick child. Plus the laundry is all done!! 🙂

But seriously, I was going stir crazy.  Jeff and I snuck away for a walk for awhile to get fresh air and exercise. This made me happy!  We went looking for the best grass alternative front yards and gathered a few ideas, with our few thousand steps.

The funny thing that happens when you slow down is that the day is really long. I guess we need to bloom where we’re planted.

Life is good, in sickness and in health.


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