Stories Connect Us

Juliana asked me why I choose to write every day and share something about my life.  

We all have a story to share and I like discovering connections between mine and yours. Our stories are always changing which makes us all so very interesting. 

Writing my story helps me to show up every day and to be thankful for what is.  It’s like yoga for the mind – being present on the page.

And when you, my BeLoveRs, write back by whatever means (email, text, Facebook, comments, etc) and connect and relate your story with mine, we share a moment of our spirits being connected and this is ReaLLy cool to me.

Writing also captures the highlights of the history I am creating daily.  It’s my digital scrapbook that just happens to be public and I treasure this as I don’t take the time to scrapbook otherwise and I have a bad memory. 

Listen the next time you’re at the table and see how the conversation goes. Listen for the connections and the history and for the stories of our lives that make us who we are and bind us together.
Our stories connect us. 

To be continued…

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