Preparing for a Celebration

 After the sun went down and we finished dinner, we got our tent out to set up in our backyard desert. California is experiencing a major drought and brown is the new green. 

Our youngest planned his own birthday celebration and has been busy for over a week already, planning and shopping and preparing decorations. He waited all day to set up the camping tent, as it was too hot this afternoon to be working in the sun.  He is a little bit excited!

He has declared this week as his birthday week and is already expecting special privileges. He says his birth week celebration begins today and ends on Sunday.  I love his enthusiasm and energy and excitement for life, even though he drives me a little crazy. I love hearing his plans and ideas, especially hearing him thinking about his friend’s dietary needs and what we should plan for dinner and dessert. I am happy that he is happy and excited.

I think this week is going to be busy and exciting for all of us! 

Happy birth week my little man. I love you!

One thought on “Preparing for a Celebration

  1. Don’t share this with Charlie but my dear son-inlaw says the whole MONTH of Aug. should be celebrated for his birthday which is the 12th. Rob really is a special guy. Pat H

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