Cooking Together

Jeff went to an off site, team building cooking event yesterday with his coworkers.  They picked a Vietnamese menu and learned to cook shaken beef, an eggplant dish, garlic noodles, spring rolls,  and a chocolate mousse.

He had a really great time and decided he would cook for me tonight. I loved this idea.

We love cooking together and just hanging out. I loved that this was his idea and he did all the shopping and measuring and planned the meal. This is the most tedious part for me.  So while he was at the store, I cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher so we had a clean work space to begin. I loved being his sous chef and helper as he lead the way.

We all sat down and enjoyed the delicious meal. Thank you Jeff for cooking with me!  That was fun and something new. xoimage image image

Life is good.

One thought on “Cooking Together

  1. Give Jeff. BIG hug from me for taking the time & effort make such a delicious meal. He leads by example. PH

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