Happiness in the Moment

We left our hotel in Virginia around 10 am and stopped in DC to see the Iwo Jima Memorial statue and tried to see the MLK Memorial and could not find parking before heading out of town.

It was a lot cooler today and we appreciated the irony from the car as we drove to Maryland.

We wanted to checkout Annapolis and try crab cakes for lunch.  The United States Naval Academy is a beautiful campus and the town by the water was very quaint. We enjoyed our brief visit before spending the rest of the day in the car, which wasn’t exactly how we anticipated the day unfolding.


serving others = happiness


Midshipmen walking across campus


beautiful landscape on the USNA, campus




sea themed stained glass window in the chapel



Maryland blue crab cake. YUM!

We hit lots of standstill traffic as we approached and eventually crawled across the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

We were hoping to be at our next destination for dinner yet we are still traveling at a snail’s pace and our estimated arrival time is approaching tomorrow.

We stopped at a rest area around 7pm for a “healthy” dinner in the car and stopped again at 10 pm for sugary snacks to keep us awake.  I chose Pop Rocks because they make me laugh and I needed a laugh to balance out the weary day of travel. 

I choose to focus on feeling lucky to be experiencing the East Coast and being with family despite being tired. We’re creating memories, right?  And happiness is a state of mind that we get to choose despite our circumstances, every moment.

I choose happiness.


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