Persevere and Don’t Give Up

We explored Washington, D.C. today during the hottest parts of the day and into the night.

We wanted to turn around and go back to the hotel or find an indoor, air conditioned place to sit. There was a lot of complaining and resistance and whining in the heat. There was so much to see and we only had a day to do as much as possible and we are not quitters, yet we were very uncomfortable.

We bought cold drinks from the corner vendor and continued our journey to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

We sat in the shade for awhile and rested more than we usually do, but we wouldn’t let anyone give up. We kept being cheerleaders for each other.

This was almost as important to me as sharing, touching and experiencing our nation’s history.

We were hot. We were sweaty. We were exhausted. We stuck together. We endured. And we shared an amazing day and experience and walked over 20,000 steps which is equivalent to 9 miles, together.

I am proud of my kids. I am proud of my husband. I am proud of our country. And I am proud to be an American.


The White House


Lincoln Memorial


Abraham Lincoln Statue

U.S. Capitol


Peace on the Potomac


Persevere BeLoveRs!


One thought on “Persevere and Don’t Give Up

  1. WHOW, you all get a gold star for sticking with it. You took great pictures on your phone-thanks for sharing Our trip home from Pittsburg, PA. Was from Hell & I’ll tell you about it some other time. I love coming to DC but it always involves a lot of walking.

    Take care, Love you lots

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