Happy 4th of July Weekend America!


 We are exploring the East Coast this weekend and I loved the friendly, American spirit in the first town we visited of Tarrytown, New York.  

We noticed the flags and beautiful hanging pots and brick buildings. We liked the formal hedges and tree shaped hydrangeas.  Everything is very lush here. We also noticed that there were many formal, brick and stone churches clustered close together on the sides of the main roads. 

People were very friendly here and we’re jovial, enjoying the cool evening  air and dining al fresco.

How are you celebrating your independence and freedom?

Life is good.  

One thought on “Happy 4th of July Weekend America!

  1. We are in Pittsburg, PA. At a barbershop function & staying in a PEO. B&B. We had a 30 Min. Drive to get down to the event.

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