Living in the Moment

Yes, I am.

Today, in the heat!!

Got up early to hike with my Julie girl but we were already too late and the sweat was sticking to all parts of our bodies. It was THAT hot and there was no breeze, but we endured.  So thankful that we made the time to exercise and chat, and celebrated the hot moment.  

I took the kids to the pool and was going to just drop them off with a friend, as I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish and was being given a chance to be alone for awhile, but changed my mind. I decided to stay and instead sat on a lawn chair with my friend and relaxed and cooled off and caught up with her for awhile, since I am practicing not being in a hurry.  It felt so good to sit and rest in the shade, out of the hot house and having a friend with whom to share the afternoon as we enjoyed our kids too. This is what living in the moment looks like.

And then tonight, I got the “pleasure” of continuing to drive the kids around across town to their appointments. One at 6:30 pm, one at 7 pm, then got gas, and drove straight to pick one up at 7:30 pm and then ate a little bit and got back in the car again to admire the sun setting and dancing in the sky to pick the next one up at 8:30 pm.  This was actually quite peaceful and made me smile.  Check out what the sky can do!!

And since my little one was running 20 minutes late, I relaxed in the car, put my feet up and watched the pink moon rise up.  What lovely gifts I received by not being in a hurry today and being fully present and in the moment.  This is the life! 
Of course, this living in the moment deal, also included anxiety and frustration and messes but those things aren’t so pretty nor fun to talk about, so I choose to leave out those little details when I write my happily ever after post about BEing in the moment. Perfectly imperfect, remember, with LOTS of imperfections along the way!

How did you enjoy living in the moment today? What brought you joy?

nAMaste BeLoveRs!!! 

BE the change you want to see and feel in this beautiful world!!

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