Live Love Laugh

My birthday is coming up and I received this birthday gift today from one of my BFFs along with a pair of silver dangling earrings and salted caramel chocolates. She knows me well and more than the material gifts, I loved the gift of time with her. She makes me smile and is a good listener and story teller and I just admire her so much.  I wish I had half her ability to remember details!! 

Thank you M for coming to spend the day with me. 

How did you live today?

Who did you love today?

When did you laugh today?

I lived it up by hiking and having friends over and playing with the kittens. I made Vietnamese Banh Mi Chicken sandwiches and spring rolls for dinner as requested by my husband and snuggled in with my family to watch the Warriors win tonight. 

  I loved my friends and my family today and I loved my mama on our phone chat this morning.

I laughed when Charlie snuck up from behind and startled me.

Today was good.  Hope you had a good day too, living it up, loving and laughing out loud!



One thought on “Live Love Laugh

  1. We have our grandaughter until Sunday so were loving her. Wasn’t that a great game last night-go Warriors.

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