Cool Teens

It was hotter than heck today and our first day of no school.

I have a few standards for the kids.

They can’t sleep all day and they can’t be in front of screens all day either.  They have to read and exercise and be helpful and do something active, creative and/or productive. They can choose, just as long as they aren’t lazy all day. I don’t want to be rigid and I want them to relax and slow down. I just don’t want them to be sloths. I expect them to contribute to the family and to enjoy their lives.

Today didn’t disappoint.  I loved their choices and just admired them.

My favorite part of the day was when their friends decided to come over and hang out all day. I love kids and I love them all at my house. I love their laughter and them just being.

They played board games and played with the kitties and watched sports and listened to music and laughed all day. Friends and siblings all hung out and filled my house with joy. I went to the store and bought them ice cream and fruit and helped serve them. I absolutely loved them being here and stayed out of their way.  I want them to come back and hang out every week. We have ten and a half weeks of summer break and today was the best beginning.

I didn’t take any pictures as I wanted to respect their space and privacy. My heart was full and I am content.

This was the best Monday in a long time! Happy summer days!!


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