Wiped Out

I have no pictures to share today.

My story is one of “rest,” meaning I didn’t go anywhere or “do” anything of significance to write about. It felt good to just be home.

We packed up my dad’s truck with girl furniture for my niece and sent them on their way home.

I did laundry and sorted some piles of stuff, trying to make more space and getting rid of clutter. It takes soooo long to dwindle.

The kittens were enticing and several friend came by to meet them and to visit, which was a perfect way to spend the day.

Dinner was left overs and pizza and samosas from the freezer while we watched the Warriors lose. The boys cleaned up the kitchen and I got to work on my volunteer project.  

Even though summer vacation officially starts tomorrow, I still have several projects to work on this week.  I think that’s a good thing.  

Keeping busy and doing what I love. Tomorrow we get to sleep in. I hope I don’t wake up with the sun rising!!

nAMaste and I hope you had a good weekend. xo

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