Ready for Summer 


We had a pool party today to celebrate the end of the school year.  I loved seeing Charlie in his new tank top and munching on juicy watermelon.

I also loved that the parent chaperones set out a fruit table for the first snack break before lunch with no other junk food options.  This was a brilliant idea and all the kids filled their plates with healthy food. 

The lifeguards had the kids swim across the shallow end to earn a wristband if they could get to the other side without touching the bottom or the sides that entitled them to swim in the deep end. Charlie was the first one in and was successful.  I love the shadow of the tree reflecting on the still water in front of him.   
Pools and watermelon and sweet, fresh fruit are getting me excited for summer vacation, that felt like it began today, even though we have one more week left of school scheduling.  

What do you have planned to do this summer?

Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to my BFF Michele and my sister cousin Laurie!! I’m so glad you both were born.  xoxo


2 thoughts on “Ready for Summer 

  1. Great job putting all the fruit & veggies out for the kids. It is the perfect day at the Delta today with a nice breeze blowing. The Upick cherries sold out quickly. I was able to get a box of the white cherries so I canned the other night. Chuck stemmed most of them which I really appreciated. I hope you & your family can come up to visit us sometime this summer. Xoxo

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