On Communicating

I don’t have any pictures to share today but I want to share a story about my friend, who I adore, and who is probably reading this.

Many people adore her and it’s not just me and I think I know why.  Well, there are several reasons why, but one pops out.

She actively listens to people and gives people her time. She looks at them longer than most people look at you and not in that creepy way, but the way that shows genuine interest.

She not only listens, but she also shares part of her story about what she’s doing or thinking and connects with people in a way that most people don’t. She makes people feel welcome and important. Her act of sharing creates a connection and familiarity that makes people comfortable and where they feel safe to talk and share and laugh for a moment, even though they don’t even know her sometimes.  There is an art to communication and she has it and I love seeing her genuine spirit shine. She makes people happy wherever she goes and people love her.

I think it’s because she is always so positive and not in a rush, as most of us are.  She makes an effort to slow down and to talk and connect, even when she’s on her way to juggle 5 million things. I love this about her.

And it’s not with just one person. It’s with most people she comes in contact with where there is a chance of communication.

For example, we were shopping together as we are working on a project together and as we are checking out, she’s telling the checker all about what we’re doing and explaining her purpose and excitement for her purchases. And then the checker is smiling and sharing her story about what she likes about what we’re buying and doing and smiles are shining all around. There is a carefree spirit through the transaction that sometimes doesn’t require a conversation at all. It reminds me of what it must be like living in a small town where everyone knows everyone. But that’s not the case where we live, but she makes it feel like that.

And before we even got to the checkout line, she recognized another mom from the baseball field that she kind of knew, and she made an effort to acknowledge her, talk with her and ask her a question before moving on with her purchase.  The lady smiled.

I wonder if she knows how wonderful she is and this magical gift she shares with our little world.

I know and I am lucky to be her friend.  We all can learn from her example of authenticity and love and patience and kindness for others. Thank you friend. I know you know who you are.


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