Family Time

My sister and her girls came to see us to make memories together over Memorial Day Weekend. I am so happy they are here.

I love seeing the cousins playing together and being with my sister and just hanging out. We don’t even care what we do. I think the highlight of the day was pretending to watch a movie and taking a nap instead! 

I love the simple things and today was just right! 


   How are you spending Memorial Day?

Love from our family to yours. xoxo

One thought on “Family Time

  1. You are so lucky to have your family all around. I had coffee with PEO gals on Brentwood then spent the rest of the day at the Delta alone as Chuck spent time with our son Dave then went to his sisters. I’m taking care of our other son Geoff’s dog so had to stay behind.

    Happy Memorial Day-3 vets in our family


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