My Daughter, My Gift

I am in love with her. I truly love her soul and her spirit and her mind and her whole entire being. I admire her and enjoy her company and I know this is such a HUGE gift. 

It wasn’t always like this and I will treasure this time as I know mothers and daughters don’t always understand one another and our time might come. But for now, our relationship is a-m-a-z-I-n-g and I am soaking it all up, every day.

I love that she wants to be with me and shares stories and time together.

She is helpful and kind and funny and loving and wickedly smart and intuitive.  I love her wit and sarcasm and humor and she makes me laugh every day.

Today we folded laundry and made dinner together and danced in the kitchen after school.  I cut up watermelon for her and she made the marinade for our dinner. Nothing fancy, just sharing time together and working side by side and I loved her for this and so much more.

We took selfies in the kitchen and sent them to my sister so that we could all connect and be virtually together near and far, sharing this one wonderful life for a moment.


curly girls


her curls


my curls post workout


Life is good. Live it up and love the ones you’re with. 


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