Celebrations Begin

It’s that time of year.  

Time for new dresses and nice outfits and more work and stress and anticipation and anxiety and excitement.  Don’t cha love it??

The end of the school year is upon us and we are busy preparing and getting ready for all the fun and living it up.

It is definitely a busy season building up to the crescendo and then we can relax with the beginning of summer.  Juliana is counting down the days.

Tonight we celebrated Charlie by attending his classroom open house and seeing his work.

  This was the forced shot just for me…he didn’t understand why I was taking pictures.  This is the FB worthy photo when actually he looked and felt more like this:

 I think he just wanted to eat his celebratory cookie and have me leave him alone.    
After the classroom visit was his concert with 149 other classmates.  I can’t believe one person can lead that many people so gracefully and calmly. I watched him tune probably 50 violins and violas before the performance. He was able to do that while still maintaining order. I was so impressed.  I was also impressed with our kids’ talents. I was thankful that Charlie stuck with it this year and practiced and learned how to play a new instrument.


We have a great, multicultural and supportive community.

Life is worth celebrating!


2 thoughts on “Celebrations Begin

  1. Glad Charlie has learned to play the Sax-love the sound of the horn as it isn’t easy. Go Charlie

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