Jackpot! 90% Off Sale 

OMG – We felt like we hit the JACKPOT today. ML and I somehow signed up to help with a promotion dance this year and are the leads for the theme and decorations. Neither of us have ever even chaperoned a dance, we don’t have much time, and we don’t want to spend hours building props and creating backdrops. The anxiety started creeping in yesterday!

Today we were planning out our ideas and remembered that our local party store was going out of business and maybe we could get a deal. ML realized today was their final day so we headed over there to discover that everything was 90% off.  We felt like we were those ladies on extreme couponing, trying to get everything for nothing and with huge baskets filled to the top.  And we thought we were just going in for cut-outs!!  

It took forever to count all our items and to add them all up and to bag them. We were giddy with all our loot and on an adrenaline high! We felt badly for the people waiting patiently behind us and thanked them for waiting, saying it was for a good cause.

We were able to buy so many decorations for very little money and this made us very happy, silly and excited! I think the kids are going to love it! 

extreme decorators!


The Loot

Can’t wait to see how it all comes together!!

xo Adriana

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